The speculation has already begun about Chip Kelly being offered a plush college football job.

According to a Sports Illustrated report, USC is expected to include Eagles head coach Chip Kelly

USC had strong interest in Kelly and other big name coaches before it hired Sarkisian just two years ago.

The Trojans lost to an unranked Washington Huskies team at home last night and only scored 12 points in doing so.

Sarkisian has also had off the field issues including sobriety when dealing with Trojan boosters, which could also contribute to a firing.

Kelly, while struggling in the NFL, still left an impressive resume and legacy in college and will always be speculated upon when a big job opens up, or if a big booster would come calling.

Obviously, Kelly will tell you that he's only focused on beating his next NFL opponent, but if the Eagles continue on their current pace and finish 4-12 anything is possible.

That includes Kelly returning to the Pac-12 only to coach USC.

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