After Wednesday night's loss in Indiana, the Sixers record on the season stands at 0-7 and 4 of those games they have only lost by single digit points.  In games versus Thunder, Cavaliers, and Magic one of the issues has been how the team played in the final minutes with questionable play calls and execution on offense.  The question has arisen: is Brett Brown really the right man to coach the 76ers into the next stage of "The Process"?

Chris Mannix of The Vertical and NBC Sports Radio joined Mike Gill on Thursday and was asked about the criticisms of Brett Brown as Sixers Head Coach:

"I don't think it's fair because I don't think you could put one coach into this mix, not just a young mix but a mix that's had a lot of roster turnover the last few years and be successful.  Brett Brown by all accounts is a very intelligent Basketball mind, a very good teacher to young players and the culture of losing was not something that he chose, it was thrust upon him in recent years.  Now going into this season and yeah you got Joel Embiid he's great but the back court stinks and you got injured players in the front court.  So I don't know what the expectations should be, is it 2-5?  Is it 1-6? I mean, what makes Brett Brown a better coach at this moment?  I'd be more concern if I was Brett Brown if Mike D'Antoni was still on staff; we know the relationship between D'Antoni and the Colangelos, I could see some heat being felt on him then.  But with the staff he has now I don't think it makes any sense to replace him nor do I think it is warranted at this moment."

Hear what Mannix had to say about Joel Embiid and his potential, what he thinks the Sixers need to do with Jahlil Okafor, and his analysis of the latest NBA stories early in the season