The question has been asked and now there is speculation that Ben Simmons agent, Rich Paul, may keep him from playing this season. But should the Sixers really sit Simmons the entire season after reportedly suffering a Jones fracture?

The big issue with this particular injury, is it has about a seven percent chance for a re-fracture after it heals.

“When you think of people having this injury, you think of Kevin Durant," Sixers bear writer Keith Pompey explained on the Sports Bash.

"They come back and say everything is healed, then they find themselves over compensating and re-injuring either that bone, or another bone. I think that even with Ben Simmons the team was going to win between 20-27 games. Its great to say we got this guy (Simmons) on the floor let's make the fans happy, but at the same time if the sixers want to win a championship in 4-5 years or sooner. This is the franchise player and i'm of the belief that you may need to just sit him down and say ‘son you're going to be a rookie again next year’”.