With the Eagles owning the 14th overall pick in the first round of Thursday night's NFL Draft, Howie Roseman has to balance the needs of the team with the players who could be available at that point in the draft.  The team needs help at Cornerback and Running Back along with adding depth on the Defensive Line and at Wide Receiver.  So should the Eagles focus on adding to the offense or defense at 14th overall?

ESPN College Football Analyst and 2000 NFL Draft 1st round pick Anthony Becht joined The Sports Bash live in Philadelphia and gave his perspective of what direction the Eagles should go with their first round pick:

“I think there’s plenty of toys out there to get after the first round. Everybody’s kind of like 'the first round is the only place to get players'. Lets be honest a lot of the stars in the NFL were not first round draft picks, they were (found in) the rest of the draft.   So its going to be important for Howie (Roseman) and the rest of those guys to really put a plan together and the good (General Managers) and the good teams find starters in the Second, Third, and Fourth round, that’s what your paid the dollars in that position to do. I think it should be defense (in the first round), there’s plenty of guys that they can get later, that they can put on the field and help them.”

Checkout what Becht had to say about his own experience as a 1st round Draft Pick and his analysis of top draft prospects


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