Earlier today, the Sixers acquired Keith Bogans and a 2018 2nd round pick from the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for a heavily protected 2015 2nd round pick.

Bogans, a 34 year old wing out of Kentucky, played in just 6 games with Boston last season, scoring a total of 12 points.

Bogans signed a 3 year contract worth a total of $15+ million last summer in a sign and trade deal that sent him from Brooklyn to Boston, a huge jump over the roughly $854,000 he had earned with the Nets. His salary was needed to complete the blockbuster deal that saw Brooklyn acquire Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

Bogans has two years remaining on his contract, at just under $5.3 million for 2014-15 and $5.5 million for 2015-16, but both seasons are fully unguaranteed. There is no date specific to Bogans contract in which his salary for this year does become guaranteed, likeHasheem Thabeet's would have if he were still on the roster on September 1st. The base salary for all NBA contracts do become guaranteed if they are still on the roster come January 10th.

When a player is signed to a contract to be used in a sign and trade deal, there are a couple of rules. First, the first season of the contract has to be guaranteed. Second, the deal has to be for at least three years in length (up to a maximum of 4 years total).

So, while Bogans was able to get a huge jump in pay last season due to his ability to make the Celtics/Nets blockbuster work financially (an ability he only had due to some pretty interesting loopholes in the CBA), Bogans was never likely to see those second and third years. They were tacked on as unguaranteed years to make the contract legal within the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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