The Philadelphia 76ers are one win away from clinching a spot in the second round of the NBA Playoffs. As they lead the series 3-1 over the Brooklyn Nets, the Sixers need to knock them out with one win at home after winning three-straight, with two victories on the road. The Sixers are in excellent shape when it comes to the scoreboard, but how does their head coach really feel about the state of the team?

Brett Brown might be satisfied with the statistical results up until this point, but to say he feels satisfied is a bit of a stretch. The Sixers' head coach has done a great job over the last three games with his strategy and planning, but he's not looking at everything that's going good, despite what he tells everybody while at the podium after a win.

As he's recently focused on some of the negatives, and even saw where the Sixers got lucky, Brown is the furthest thing from satisfied right now. "I'm not comfortable at all, I think we've escaped some problems with Joe Harris," Brown told Ky Carlin of USA Today's Sixers Wire. Coming into the postseason, the Nets' sharpshooter was the best in the league. During the playoffs, he's been quite underwhelming.

Now, you can't discredit Philly, as they have been playing some solid defense everywhere on the floor - but to say that the Harris has been on his A-game would be a stretch. His average throughout the year has been around 13 points-per-game, but he's only hit his average once in the playoffs, which was during Game 1 where the Sixers struggled and came out with a loss to open the series.

Ever since Harris went three for four in the first game, he's failed to drain a shot from long range in the last three matchups off of 12 attempts. Harris has credited JJ Redick for that as he chalks up the struggles as a total learning experience from the Sixers' veteran. Had Harris been draining his shots recently, the Sixers could be in a much different position. But as the long-range shooter continues to struggle, Philly proceeds to reap the benefits.

Coach Brown is happy with where the team is at, but he won't be satisfied until the Sixers get over the hump of the second round and potentially beyond. They understand that 3-1 is a solid lead and likely means the second round will be in play for them, but they can't look past their opponent. There is still plenty of basketball left to be played.

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