The Sixers remain "intoxicated" by Bynum's potential, a source tells TNT's David Aldridge, suggesting that the team is still contemplating re-signing him.

Sixers CEO Adam Aron opened up about Andrew Bynum's recovery in an interview on CSN, and admitted that it's very possible Bynum doesn't play a single game this season.

"This is a move that should have worked," Aron said. The really troubling quote from Aron? "I can't get into his exact medical condition. But I can say this, which is obvious to all of us: He's had cartilage problems. It's March. He's still not playing. He hasn't played basketball since last May. Clearly, Andrew is dealing with some knee problems that have prevented him from playing in the NBA."

One of the big questions concerning this wild situation with Bynum is what doctors looked at him and cleared the trade?  Aron stated that four doctors cleared the trade in August, and six doctors have been actively treating and examining Bynum throughout the season.

Aron said a decision will be made on Bynum's future in the offseason after the team has "more information" regarding Bynum's knee.  However, some believe if Bynum doesn’t play a game for the 76ers this season, he should never suit up for the team.

General Manager Tony DiLeo recently said that re-signing Bynum is his plan A, but many want to know what Plan B might be.

Joel Brigham of HoopsWorld recently wrote writes that Bynum will command a max contract this summer, and it may be best for the Sixers to cut their losses rather than re-up with the oft-injured big man.

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