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In this week’s edition of the Sixers Mailbag, Derek answers your questions about Tony Wroten's injury and take a look at a few of the prospects the Sixers could target in the 2015 NBA draft and more.

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On to your questions!


Could you talk about if SG Justin Anderson from the Wahoos would be a fit for 76ers with the Miami pick?

A strong 6'6" wing with a 6'11" wingspan, who can defend multiple positions, and is a knock-down catch and shoot player? Yeah, he'd probably be a fit.

Anderson's defensive ability, and ability to defend multiple positions, have always been evident, and his development into a consistent jump shooter (something he lacked in previous years) has sent his NBA prospects soaring. There are few better developments for returning prospects than Anderson's improved consistency from the perimeter.

Of wing players that could be available at that spot in the draft I would prefer Devin Booker, but Anderson's definitely an option there. He's been a very big part of Virginia's defense, which is as good as any defense in the country. He's not as freakishly athletic as guys like K.J. or Grant, but he'd be a steadier player, on both ends of the court.


While it is very unfortunate that Wroten will need to have ACL reconstruction surgery, do you think that this opens up an opportunity for Hinkie to sign him to a discounted extension this summer? Would you do 3 years for $10 million? 4 years for $20 million?

Even with the rising salary cap, I honestly don't touch Wroten for either of those numbers. Besides the questions about whether, and when, he could come back from his injury and be the same physically, I'm just not enough of a Wroten believer, or confident in his ability to fit with Joel Embiid, to offer him a long term contract.

I don't see the demand for Wroten being high in the summer of 2016. I let him play out his final option year, prove that he can come back from the injury, see if he can make any progress on the jumper, and make decisions from there. If I had confidence in the improvement, yes, lock him up when you can at a low price. As it stands, it sounds more to me like buying a lottery ticket and hoping the ticket turns into more. I think he has to prove he's a long term fit before you prioritize shaving a million or two off of his average annual salary.

Noah (and Scott):

A few week ago, numerous European news outlets were indicating that Dario Saric doesn't necessarily have a two-year contract with Efes. Given what you know, what is the likelihood that he comes over next season?

Everything that I had been told is that he has very little chance of coming over this summer, and I have not been told anything that would change that.


Hey Derek I've been dreaming about D'Angelo Russell running the PnR with Embiid. Where do you see his fit with the Sixers and is he worthy of a top 3 selection?

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