The NBA Trade Deadline is about a month away at this point in the season. So far, there hasn't been too much action. And for the Philadelphia 76ers, they have yet to shake up their roster. Last season, Sixers' first-year General Manager Elton Brand looked to make a statement during his first year in the front office.

With a handful of trades, two of which, being blockbuster deals, the Sixers made themselves known as one of the more aggressive front offices in the NBA. After seeing the amount of deals Brand put together last season, many expected the Sixers to be competitive in the trade market once again.

So far, that hasn't been the case. Just a couple of weeks ago, Elton Brand mentioned he is satisfied with the roster he has put together over the summer. While the team isn't precisely where they want to be, the second-year GM still believed the Sixers were in good shape on Christmas day.

Then, the team went on a four-game skid and won only one of their previous five games. While the sky is not falling in Philly, it became clear the Sixers aren't perfect and could use some help. Therefore, they have been rumored to be active in the trade market, according to ESPN's Tim McMahon.

Here are a couple of names that have been linked to the Sixers so far. . .

Marcus Morris, New York Knicks

The Sixers are quite familiar with the New York Knicks forward, Marcus Morris. Considering he has played in Boston for the last couple of years, Philly has gotten a taste of what Morris has to offer just by playing against him.

This year with the Knicks, though, Morris is setting career-highs. Averaging 19 points-per-game, and shooting 46-percent from three, Morris has become an interesting trade chip for the Knicks. Although he prefers to stay in New York, the Knicks aren't going to just look away from the interesting offers that may come in. And according to The New York Post, the Sixers are one of a couple of teams that are calling.

"According to a source, the 76ers also have some interest in Morris as a solid two-way forward bench piece. Morris’ hometown team is on a championship-or-bust mission. Perhaps that would pique Morris’ interest more than L.A."

Davis Bertans, Washington Wizards

When ESPN's Tim McMahon put out his initial piece regarding the Sixers' recent trade specifications, he mentioned they were on the hunt for a "perimeter shooter." The first name to come to mind (besides their former friend, JJ Redick) had to be Washington Wizards forward, Davis Bertans.

After spending three years with the Spurs, Bertans got a new beginning with the Wizards this season. As he's currently shooting 43-percent from long-range, averaging an impressive 15 points-per-game, mostly off the bench, Bertans has become a hot commodity on the trade market.

The Wizards' front office has said they didn't intend to trade Bertans this season -- but as we know, money talks. And in this case, so does interesting offers on the trade market. According to NBC Sports Washington, Philly is one of a handful of teams in the mix calling for Davis Bertans.

"In addition to the Sixers, Hawks, and Lakers, the Celtics and Nuggets have emerged as suitors for Bertans' services, NBC Sports Washington has learned. Bertans, 27, has enjoyed a breakout season, averaging 15.4 points and 4.9 rebounds while shooting 43.4 percent from three on 8.6 attempts per game."



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