Tuesday was a whirlwind of news for the 76ers as Ben Simmons was in town this morning for a private workout with team officials and reports are that the team has informed Simmons and his representatives that they intend on selecting him with the 1st overall pick in Thursday's NBA Draft.

But Derek Bodner of USA Today and PhillyMag.com tells Mike Gill the meeting that went down last week between Simmons, his representatives, and the 76ers was what actually set the framework for everything that happened today:


"It’s good to have Ben in, it’s not really the biggest deal in the world, the much bigger issues were getting that face to face interview and getting the medical reports. Once those two things happened, getting the workout was almost just to put to bed some of the rumors and some of the reports that he didn’t have interest in coming here, it was much more formality. It's not, to me, a huge deal because like I said I think the medical reports and the meeting were more important. But it is nice to not have that 'does he want to come to Philadelphia? does he want to play for the Sixers?' topic of conversation that we've been having for the last week or so."

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