Joel Embiid has played in 62 of the Sixers' 78 games this season and when he has not been on the floor there is an obvious void when he doesn't play.  Without Embiid, the Sixers have a 6-9 record this season and allowing 123.4 Points Per Game to Opponents; on the season the 76ers average 112.4 Points Per Game Allowed.  Aside from Joel Embiid being an MVP Candidate, his impact as a defender gets overlooked, not just as a rim protector but also his value as an athlete defending on switches against offenses that run the Pick and Roll.

Yahoo Sports NBA Contributor Keith Smith joined Mike Gill on Wednesday and discussed how import Joel Embiid is to the 76ers in the postseason:

"I grew up around the NBA where if you wanted to win, you needed to have a good if not a dominating Center. - It was (Hakeem) Olajuwon and (David) Robinson and (Patrick) Ewing and Shaq (O'Neal)....Now you are looking at teams just are not built that way. To have Joel Embiid - that’s a weapon nobody else can really match where he is clearly the best Center in the NBA at this point with his combination of offensive and defensive game.  It’s all about in the playoffs keeping him on the floor and making sure there’s no foul trouble and if you can do that, you’ve got something that nobody else can really match. - (Embiid is) going to be able to carry that team a very long way, more so than anybody else on the roster, that’s a certainty.”

Heat what Smith had to say about Sixers backup Centers, preparations for the postseason, and breakdown of Eastern Conference Playoffs Outlook.

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