Sources tell Fox Sports that the Raptors have "engaged" the Sixers in trade talks centered on Andrea Bargnani.  Sources said there is no word on what the Sixers would need to offer in return, although a Western Conference executive suspects it would involve center Spencer Hawes.

According to NBA writer Sam Amico of, Chicago and Philadelphia are two under-the-radar teams sources suspect will become more aggressive on the day before the deadline.  He states that both the Bulls and 76ers have started being more active just this past week.

If they ever get Andrew Bynum back from his knee issues, having a true stretch four like Bargnani could conceivably be a good fit.  The Sixers had hoped to use Hawes in that manner, but Bargnani might be a better fit in that particular role.

The former No. one overall pick in the draft is 27-years old, averaging 14.8 points and just 3.9 rebounds per game.  Bargnani spent most of the month recovering from a muscle tear in his elbow and might not be 100-percent just yet.

The question is with two years left on his deal, does he really make the Sixers any better?

My feeling is doubtful.

Hawes is three years younger then Bargnani and is showing with more time on the floor that he can produce more points if needed and is a better rebounder.  Bargnani is a soft seven-footer that fans will grow tied of real quick in Philadelphia.

Hawes big problem is consistency - he lacks it big time.  While I like Bargnani as a fit for the Sixers, I dont think he makes them that much better and you have no idea when and if Bynum will ever play for the team.

If Bynum was a sure thing, I make the deal, not knowing what his future is, I think I take a pass.

How about you, would you deal Spencer Hawes (and probably something else) for Andrea Bargnani?

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