With their record standing at 4-5 after losing to the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, there is plenty of concerns and finger pointing to go around as the Philadelphia Eagles prepare for their Week 11 match-up with the Saints in New Orleans.  There are Eagles' fans who are pointing at the Eagles Defense as the problem and that Jim Schwartz's unit is specifically at fault for the losses to the Titans, Panthers, and Cowboys.  But a deep look at the numbers show that despite numerous injuries at different positions, the Eagles Defense is playing at a similar level as last season.  After nine games, the Eagles Defense has allowed 20.3 Points Per Game, which is sixth best in the NFL and is only 1.9 Points more allowed than last year's team.  Also, the Eagles Defense is Seventh Best against the Run in the NFL in 2018 along with allowing only 16 Passing Touchdowns to their opponents this season, which ranks Third Best in the NFL.

Super Bowl Champion Defensive Coordinator and Former NFL Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo joined The Sports Bash on Wednesday discussing his perspective on Jim Schwartz and the Eagles Defense this season:

"Jim (Schwartz) has not forgotten how to coach; They did a tremendous job last year, that’s one of the many reasons why (the Eagles) were able to go on the run they did even after losing their starting quarterback - I know a bunch of those defensive coaches there and I have a great deal of respect for all of them....They gotta stick to what they do or what they know, you don’t panic or jump ship now with what you believe in.  I know people might want guys to do that but knowing Jim...they’ll get it fixed - Listen (the Eagles) are still in the thick of it and I don't think  there is any reason to panic. Look at the NFC East, the idea here is to get in the playoffs, that’s the number one goal....But you can’t panic, you can’t afford to panic until someone tells you you’re no longer eligible to get to the dance and you just keep fighting to get there.”

Checkout what Spagnuolo had to say about how a Defensive Coordinator deals with multiple injuries to their unit, his perspective on Doug Pederson, how coaches handle different personalities in an NFL Locker Room, and more

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