The Phillies lose to the New York Mets in game one of the series by a score of 11-5. The score doesn't even tell you how bad the game was as the Phils scored four useless runs in the bottom of a the ninth in a blow out. They left men on base in the third, fifth, and sixth inning only scoring a total of one run. In the sixth, Gabe Kapler made the decision to keep Aaron Nola in the game and allowed him to hit with two outs and Jean Segura on third. That run did not come in to score. In the seventh, Nola goes on the mound and leaves with the bases loaded. Jose Alvarez did a good job of holding the Mets to only one run in that inning, but Mike Morin, Jared Hughes, and Edgar Garcia were awful. The Mets scored 11 runs in the final three innings. There was a moment when JT Realmuto was caught on camera with a face of disgust as he was standing next to Kapler and Hughes was coming in from the bullpen.

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