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Here is today’s show: Monday September 24th, 2012

Playing the Blame Game

Mike and Todd open a Monday show after an Eagles 21-point loss playing the blame game. Mike Gill says it's all on Andy Reid and that Mike Vick "isn't even on his radar" as far as putting blame on someone. Todd on the other hand will put some blame on Vick, but the play calling from Reid is not putting him in position to succeed.

Barrett Brooks

Former Super Bowl Champion, Barrett Brooks joined us to recap the Eagles 3-TD loss to the Cardinals yesterday. Brooks, himself, doesn't like to play the blame game and that on the long TD to end the half was Vick's fault, the offensive line blocked who they need to block.

YOU React to an Eagles loss

Took callers in this segment and many of YOU agreed with Mike and Todd in saying that Andy Reid is certainly more to blame for yesterday than Mike Vick is.

Top Tweets

It's a Monday edition of Top Tweets!

A QB Change?

At his Monday after game press conference, Andy Reid was asked about a QB change and said "we'll evaluate as we go along, for now Mike is our QB." Mike Gill says that he thinks Reid is at least entertaining the idea of replacing him:

Jeff McLane

Jeff McLane, Philadelphia Inquirer, called in for his weekly spot and recapped yesterday's Eagles loss. McLane said that the Eagles are 2-1 still and during the Andy Reid era he almost certainly fights back after laying an egg the week before. McLane was at the Reid press conference today and thinks that Reid wants to leave himself some wiggle room in case he needs to substitute Mike Vick.  Follow Jeff McLane on Twitter and hear him Monday's at 5:30 on 97.3 ESPN FM.

5 Questions

1. Will the Eagles fix their turnover problems?

2. How much better does Vick need to be given his contract?

3. Packers vs. Seahawks?

4. Will the Phillies finish above .500?

5. Favorite punctuation mark?

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