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 Here is today’s show: Monday, November 4th 2013

Barrett Brooks

Calls in every Monday and Friday to talk Eagles football. Today Brooks recaps the Eagles/Raiders game yesterday and about the historic performance Nick Foles had yesterday in Oakland with his 7 TDs. Brooks said to not drink the kool-aid just yet, he wont be able to even do half of that on a consistent level. The Raiders played very 'poor' on defense and they were not in any position to make plays. Brooks also talks about the NFC East and how mediocre it is this season.


Bob Cooney

Covering the surprising 3-0 Sixers for the Philadelphia Daily News. The Sixers swept their weekend with wins against the Wizards and Bulls, they'll play host to the Warriors tonight. Coney talked about MCW and his surprising game along with Evan Turner who is a free agent after this season. Cooney also talked about Brett Brown and how he is adapting to the coaching life in the NBA.

Top Tweets

It's a Monday edition of top tweets!

Jeff McLane

Philadelphia Inquirer joins us every Monday at 5:30. McLane was present at the Chip Kelly press conference today where Kelly refused to talk about a Mike Vick time frame and when he's expected back. McLane said Nick Foles made all the right reads and all the right throws yesterday, but we should temper everything down because of the Raiders defense, Chip Kelly's scheme and the offensive play. McLane said in all 9 games Foles has played the positives outweigh the negatives and at some point Kelly will have to stay with Foles. Follow McLane on Twitter.

5 Questions

1.  Nick Foles last night or Michael Vick MNF in DC?

2. What does the open market look like for Doc and Chooch?

3. Will Richie Incognito ever play in the NFL again?

4. Today is Use Your Common Sense Day – what is the least common sense thing a sports figure has done this year?

5. Today is Devin Hester’s 31st birthday – who is the best return man in NFL history?