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 Here is today’s show: Tuesday, November 5th 2013


Mike and Todd discuss the ever changing Richie Incognito saga involving Johnathan Martin in Miami. Is Incognito 100 percent to blame? Todd Ranck believes so. Mike Gill isn't quite sure that it's all on the shoulders of Incognito. Why didn't Martin go to his coaches or go to any executives soon if the abuse was too much to handle? Incognito has been suspended indefinitely and it's unlikely he will ever play for the Dolphins again.

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Who's In Who's Out

Mike & Todd give you their AFC/NFC teams that are in the playoffs...and just out!

Jimmy Kempski

Philly.com covering the Eagles, Kempski came on to talk about the Eagles domination against the Raiders on Sunday. Kempski talked about Chip Kelly and his time management during the game likening it to an Oregon game where he was able to blow out his opponent in the 1st half. We also saw DeSean Jackson returning punts during the game, something that Kempski is in favor of, but cautions that losing Jackson to injury doing that leaves you with Riley Cooper as your most established WR. Follow Kempski on Twitter.

Drew Olson

ESPN Milwaukee called in for a quick update on the health of Aaron Rodgers. Olson said that Rodgers has confirmed a fractured collar bone and the timeline is unknown at this point. Olson also talked about the other injuries the Packers have experienced this season in James Jones and Randall Cobb, for the Packers it's been next man up. That only works up to a point obviously and it may not work when it involves your best player. Follow Olson on Twitter.

Lloyd Vance

NFL Network contributor Lloyd Vance joins in at 4:30 every Tuesday for a final whip around from Sunday in the NFL.

Top Tweets

It's a Tuesday edition of top tweets!

Dan Szymborski

The Phillies have a chance in 2014. So says Dan Szymborski, ESPN.com. Szy wrote that the Phillies could be a team that could bounce back next season a la the Boston Red Sox from a year ago. Szy cites financial resources and a World Series core that still remains from a 2008 World Series team. Cliff Lee has been retained and Chase Utley has been retained as well so the chips are on the table for competing next season. Szy calls Utley 'incredibly underrated' and can still be good for a few more seasons. The free agent class in 2014 isn't the strongest, but interesting targets like Carlos Beltran and Brian McCann are out there.

5 Questions

1. Tony Romo kicking the ball – dumbest thing you’ve seen an athlete do on the field?

2. Gary Kubiak released from the hospital – should the NFL put a limit on the workday?

3. Nick Foles jersey, cleats and the record tying football will be going to Canton… Should all of that be enshrined?

4. Full House coming back… Girl Meets World… If you could bring one 80s or 90s show back what would it be?

5. Today is Bryan Adams 54th birthday… Favorite 80s song?