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The Sports Bash ON DEMAND gives you the chance to go back and hear what you missed. Its the Sports Bash with Mike Gill and Todd Ranck.

Here is today’s show: Tuesday, September 24th 2013.

Peyton Manning, NFL Best?

Mike and Todd talk about the start to the season Peyton Manning is having throwing 12 touchdowns in 3 games. Todd Ranck believes Manning is the best QB in the league with how the Broncos are playing, while Mike Gill believes Manning is aided by the weapons around him, where Tom Brady is doing it with rookie and unknown receivers. Of course Manning will have his shot against the Eagles defense this Sunday in Denver at 4:25.

A Week 3 edition of who's in who's out!

The Flyers regular season starts next week and we got a little early preview from our Flyers Insider Dave Isaac about what to expect from the orange & black. Follow Isaac on Twitter.


Philly.com calls in every Tuesday to talk some Eagles. In today's segment Mike Gill and Kempski talk about the tough road matchup the Eagles face at Denver on Sunday. After seeing Peyton Manning and his dominance last night, will a short week even have an impact on the game for the Broncos? Plus, can the Eagles afford to let Peyton Manning control the ball for 40 minutes, much like what happened in the Chargers game? Doubt it.

It's a Tuesday edition of top tweets!

Should the Phillies trade Domonic Brown?

Mike Gill says YES! Find out why he thinks the Phillies need to capitalize on the all-star season Domonic Brown had in 2013. You can always tweet Mike Gill your thoughts on Twitter.

On the line to recap what we saw from Roy Halladay. Is that the last time we will see Halladay in a Phillies uniform? Lawrence says Halladay will have takers because of who he is despite of his last month of the season. Lawrence also puts Halladay returning to the Phillies as '50/50' in an incentive laden contract. Mike Gill also talks with Lawrence about the possibility of trading Dominic Brown in the off season. Follow Lawrence on Twitter.

1. Should the Phillies re-sign Roy Halladay?

2. Do the Eagles get an unfair advantage Thursday night vs. Monday night?

3. Chip said “We’ll go play in a parking lot.” Right attitude for a 1-2 coach?

4. Do you think the thin air in Denver will impact the Eagles offense?

5. A stripper named Sweet Pea bashed Jacoby Jones over the head with a champagne bottle… Can you trust a woman who goes by the name Sweet Pea?