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 Here is today’s show: Tuesday, December 3rd 2013

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Who's In/Who's Out

Mike and Todd with their 12 playoff teams in the NFL through Week 14.


Jimmy Kempski

Philly.com covering the Eagles. Kempski called in to talk about the Eagles victory against the Cardinals on Sunday. Kempski was actually pretty impressed with the Eagles punting game, 5 punts with the average field position around the 15 yard line on those punts. Cardinals offense isn't built to drive 80 some yards all game like that. For Nick Foles, Kempski thinks he just played 'OK' getting away with the INT he threw and some unfortunate calls to go against the Cardinals. Kempski also preview the upcoming game against the Detroit Lions and how they can stop Megatron.

Lloyd Vance

One final whip-around with NFL Network contributor Lloyd Vance.

Top Tweets

It's a Tuesday edition of top tweets!

G. Cobb

Eagles Radio Network co host G. Cobb called in with his viewpoints on the Eagles win over the Cardinals. Cobb loved the way Donnie Jones punted the ball because the Eagles were outplayed in the 4th Q and Jones consistently flipped the field position on the Cardinals. Cobb also talks about the Eagles struggles in trying to close out games, the offense seems to stall out in the 3rd and 4th quarters. He compared it to a basketball team that thrives in running the court, but once they get in half court mode, they struggle coming to grips with that.

5 Questions

1. Bruce Arians sent tapes to the league to complain about officiating and Cary Williams said let’s not be crybabies. Who’s right?

2. Earl Wolff still not practicing. How big of a loss is that?

3. Cole Hamels told Philadelphia Magazine there was a lot of bitterness and finger pointing in the Phillies locker room. Do you think that can be fixed next year?

4. Two security guards in Houston were fired for taking pictures with Tom Brady while they were on the clock. Should they have been?

5. Christmas Eve is three weeks away. Have you put any decorations up yet?