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 Here is today’s show: Wednesday, November 20th 2013

Eagles First Round Matchup?

Since it's the bye week, Mike and Todd posed the question about the Eagles first round playoff matchup. If the playoffs started today (of course they don't) the Eagles would be hosting the Carolina Panthers. Are you confident with that? Other opponents could include: Cardinals, Lions, Bears, Packers, 49ers.

Mike Pereira

FOX NFL rules analyst and former VP of officiating called in with his take on the non call against Rob Gronkowski on Monday night. Pereira said that if the referee threw the flag and that was his gut reaction then they should have stuck with the original call of pass interference. Pereira also will go on to try and clarify the definition of the word 'uncatchable.' He said the NFL defines it with one word: clearly. That's it. Pereira also goes on to talk about the penalty called against the 49ers on their hit on Drew Brees late in the game on Sunday.

Stock Exchange

Fine 5/Ugly 5


KC Joyner

On for his weekly spot at 4:05 on Wednesdays talked about the Eagles at the bye week, their currently 4th in the NFC for the playoffs and Joyner thinks a game against Detroit would be a prime matchup because of the way Matthew Stafford plays at QB sometimes. We also take a look ahead with all the games for Week 12 in the NFL. Follow Joyner on Twitter.

Dave Isaac

Called in for a Flyers report in the this segment. Isaac talked about the points streak they've been on these last 5 games, garnering 9 out of a possible 10 points in those contests. Isaac talked about the small sample size that we still have on Steve Mason, although many people are wanting the Flyers to extend Mason and make him the # 1 goalie going forward. Isaac also talks about Sean Couturier who finally broke his goal less streak last night. Access our Flyers coverage with Dave Isaac.

Sheil Kapadia

Birds 24/7 is the blog, Kapadia talks about the Eagles at the bye week and the A22 film he reviews each and very week after the Eagles game. Kapadia talked about the cold and windy weather that is approaching and how that will effect Nick Foles these next 4 weeks. Follow Kapadia on Twitter.

Dave Weinberg

Press of Atlantic City Eagles reporter Dave Weinberg on in this segment talking about the Eagles at the bye week and what he expects from them coming out of the bye against Arizona. Also about the differences between Andy Reid and Chip Kelly and how each coach is received by the players. Kelly has employed a new wave with this group and how has that been received?

5 Questions

1. Who has a better chance of making the playoffs? The first place Sixers or the next-to-last place Flyers?

2. Where do you come down on the debate about RG3 – is he a leader?

3. A-Rod took off from his hearing – was he right?

4. Natl Peanut Butter Fudge Day… that’s my favorite flavor, what’s yours?

5. I have started getting Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails… What are you looking to buy this Thanksgiving weekend?