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Here is today’s show: Wednesday, September 25th 2013.

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A Week 3 edition of the Fine 5 and Ugly 5!


We whip around Week 4 of the NFL with KC Joyner of ESPN.com. Some big games this weekend including one tomorrow night where San Fransisco looks to get back to their winning ways against the Rams. How will the Eagles defense handle Peyton Manning? Plus, Andy Reid faces a familiar foe in the Giants. Follow KC Joyner on Twitter.

Hosts the Eagles Radio Network post game coverage on 97.3 ESPN FM. Cobb called in to preview the Broncos game on Sunday in Denver. Cobb talked about why Vinny Curry and Brandon Graham don't get on the field as much, saying that those players need to start getting on the field more. Cobb also talked about the altitude in Denver and whether or not that comes into factor while playing.  Hear every Eagles game on 97.3 ESPN FM.

It's a Wednesday edition of top tweets!

Philly Mag calls in every Wednesday at 5:30 to preview the Eagles game that weekend. Kapadia also reviews the All-22 film from the week before against the KC Chiefs. Read Kapadia on Birds 24/7.

1. Is Chip Kelly’s day-to-day stuff wearing thin yet?

2. How big of a loss would Patrick Chung be?

3. Should the Eagles have any interest in Josh Freeman now or in the future?

4. Today is Will Smith’s 45th birthday… Who are your favorite Philly celebrities?

5. Today is National One Hit Wonder Day. What’s your favorite one hit wonder?