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Here is today’s show: Wednesday, October 9th 2013

Stock Exchange

Fine 5/Ugly 5

Mike and Todd with their 5 best and 5 worst teams in the NFL through Week 5.


KC Joyner

The football Scientist on air talking Eagles and Buccaneers, plus our Wednesday whip around of all the Week 6 action in the NFL. Follow Joyner on Twitter.

Scott Reynolds

Covering the Bucs for The Pewter Report, Reynolds called in for a Wednesday preview of Eagles vs. Bucs. Reynolds said that an 0-4 start is not how people in Tampa envisioned this season in going and that has created a lot of turmoil around the coach/team. Coach Schiano is 1-9 in his last 10 games and called this game against the Eagles a 'must win.' The fans started off on the side of the team and Schiano but have quickly turned on him with the team failing to hold leads and win a game.

Top Tweets

It's a Wednesday edition of top tweets!

Sheil Kapadia

Going over the All-22 tape with Sheil Kapadia, Birds 24/7. Kapadia talked about his lengthy conversation with Jason Kelce who had one of his worst games of the season against the Giants last week. With Nick Foles possibly starting in place of Mike Vick, the Eagles will need to change their 'zone read' plans because the Bucs will not honor Foles rushing threat.

5 Questions

1. Impressions of Berube’s debut?

2. Should Claude Giroux have admitted his confidence isn’t there?

3. Fans were either driving by Schaub’s home or yelling at him. Either way it’s lunacy. Do you think that could happen in Philadelphia today?

4. Reuben Frank pointed out Nick Foles is better than Michael Vick in the red zone. 50% to 36%, 87.5 rating to 57.1 rating. Small sample size, but what does Vick need to do better in the RZ?

5. Today is Walk to School Day.. Have you ever walked to school or work?