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Sports Talk with Brodes: Shake Milton Hits the Game Winner!
The Philadelphia Sixers beat the San Antonio Spurs thanks to a Shake Milton three-pointer with seconds to go in the game! There were some positives and negatives to take out of this game:

The Positives:
- Joel Embiid continues to dominate every single game. He is a difference maker!
- Tobias Harris…
Sixers Lose in OT to Finish Exhibition Play
The Philadelphia Sixers drop their final exhibition game in overtime to the Dallas Mavericks. Yes, they actually played extra time because we were all sitting on our couches thrilled to see the deep bench in big moments!

Joel Embiid was not in the lineup due to his calf injury, but Brett Brown stat…
No Embiid, But Starters Look Good in Exhibition Game 2
The Philadelphia Sixers blew a 24-point lead to the OKC Thunder in their second exhibition game, but once again, who cares about the outcome.

Joel Embiid did not play due to a calf injury. I believe Brett Brown when he says it shouldn't be a concern, but I am curious if this can cause problems…
Sports Talk with Brodes: Ben Simmons Takes a Couple Threes!
The Philadelphia Sixers won their first exhibition game against the Memphis Grizzlies. There is no doubt they looked good, but the question is: How much stock can you put into this?

You would rather see them play well compared to the alternative, but it also doesn't relate to a match-up agains…
The Anniversary of Kawhi Leonard's Game 7 Shot
On May 12th, it was the one-year anniversary of Kawhi Leonard's buzzer beater in game 7 to send the Sixers packing. It was heartbreaking during the time, but I am doing well now. Sadly, since no sports are currently active, it's time to embrace this play.
NCAA Seniors in Winter Sports, Do They Deserve Another Year?
The coronavirus took March Madness away from us and the seniors who play the game!

It has been reported that the NCAA gave student-athletes who play spring sports another year of eligibility. This is because a certain percentage of the regular-season was not completed yet.

This raises the question…

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