The Philadelphia Sixers blew a 24-point lead to the OKC Thunder in their second exhibition game, but once again, who cares about the outcome.

Joel Embiid did not play due to a calf injury. I believe Brett Brown when he says it shouldn't be a concern, but I am curious if this can cause problems down the road.

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Speaking of injury, Glenn Robinson III left with a hip injury and he will be re-evaluated Monday.

Ben Simmons was magnificent and clearly the best player on the floor. He was so strong rolling to the basket, he facilitated beautifully, and he was remarkable defensively.

Shake Milton is so intriguing. He is able to shoot the ball off the dribble, provide pick and roll play, and also drives to the rack. I am confident his game will correlate to success in postseason play!

Josh Richardson showed his versatility and Al Horford was able to knock down some three-pointers early. I do question what is happening to him on the defensive side of the floor though and that will come into play when Embiid is off the floor in playoff games.

It's not so much about the outcome of these games, it's more about their mentality and work ethic. It seems they are very focused which is all you can ask for at this point.

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