The coronavirus took March Madness away from us and the seniors who play the game!

It has been reported that the NCAA gave student-athletes who play spring sports another year of eligibility. This is because a certain percentage of the regular-season was not completed yet.

This raises the question about the teams that play in winter. College basketball finished the regular season and was canceled after some teams received their automatic bids, but the Power 5 Conferences did not.

With all of the other winter sports, similar situations occurred.

What about the seniors in these sports? Do they deserve another run at it?

I don't believe they do. They have already finished enough of the season where it's unfortunate and it's sad, but enough of their schedule was played out.

If seniors could return because it is "unfair", well what about the incoming freshman that now lose their scholarships? What about the sophomores that played this season, are they sophomores again?

What would happen in DII and DIII sports? What about seniors who didn't punch their tickets to the NCAA tournament in the smaller conferences, they now get a second chance?

It's a sticky situation, but if I was the commissioner of the NCAA, I would just move on with the seniors. It would open up holes and there are too many moving parts.

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