Today on January 29, the Phillies are a mere 15 days from the date that pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training.  The Phillies equipment truck heads south on I-95 next week.  Will that equipment truck have any gear that says "Harper" or "Machado" on it?  The internet is abuzz with items that connect the Phillies to free agent outfielder Bryce Harper.

Radio producer Jack Fritz of WIP-FM in Philadelphia was able to find out from someone at bat manufacturer Victus that these were made "just in case". Then, Jones really caught people's attention with his next tweet: a screenshot of Philadelphia Phillies clubhouse manager Phil Sheridan:

"Send to Bryce?"  What are the Phillies sending to someone named Bryce?  Is it Bryce Brentz of the Boston Red Sox organization?  Harper?  What would they send him: some gear to entice him to sign, or is he planning on decorating his family with gear?  Many questions arise from that tweet.

Then, MLB the Show, the Playstation sports video game franchise who has Harper as a spokesperson got involved.   Harper, who will appear on the cover, has made what team he will sign with part of the game's marketing campaign.  The video game cover will feature Harper in his new uniform.

Fans were quick to respond that they were uninterested unless some news broke.

Then the latest thing to raise eyebrows were those who set odds in Las Vegas for sports gambling.  Out of nowhere, the Phillies became listed as having the fourth-best odds for winning the World Series:

What changed that it would change that dramatically so fast?  Additionally, some were reporting that their Harper bets were canceled:

Finally, the "Pregame Steam" Twitter account with 21,000 followers made an interesting statement:

They have been right in the past, including news on LeBron James and the NBA and other signings.

Could today be the day? Who knows. But Harper has to decide someday, right?

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