The he odds seem to be stacked against the Eagles landing Marcus Mariota, but we’ve learned never to count out Kelly. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

According to a report by Draft Insider's Tony Pauline both the Chargers and Eagles are exploring the possibility of trading up for Oregon QB Marcus Mariota through the Browns.

"The Browns own a lot of power," Pauline told me on the Sports Bash on Thursday.

"They've got two first round picks, so they can move up and get Mariot for themselves, or they can start a bidding war with other teams who want to maneuver up and get Mariota. Right now the most prevalent ones, the ones I know that have been talking about the most and have been having conversations are the Philadelphia Eagles and San Diego Chargers."

A league source tells Pauline that if the Titans decide to deal that No. 2 overall pick, Cleveland is in the best spot, since the Browns hold two top-20 picks, and could either move up for Mariota themselves or get involved in another team’s deal.

(Listen to's Tony Paulie discuss the latest Marcus Mariota rumors with Mike Gill on the Sports Bash)

So while Cleveland has more ammunition, the Eagles might have more desire, but do they have a legitimate chance to land Mariota starting all the way back at pick No. 20 without a three-team-deal?

"It would be very hard," Paulie acknowledged.  "The asking price is going to be a lot. Tennessee is going to you know want a significant amount to make that big of a jump down.  What would have to happen, the Eagles would not only have to give up picks this year, but in the 2016 draft and I don't think they want to do that.  Those types of trades usually don't work out for the team moving up."

Earlier in the week, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk floated a three-team trade between the Browns, the Eagles, and a team in the top five.  In the deal, both the Eagles and Browns would get the guy the covet, with Cleveland landing Sam Bradford, Philadelphia getting Marcus Mariota, and the third team becoming loaded with extra draft picks.

Florio also floated these two trade ideas out:

  • (1) the Browns get Bradford and Philly’s first-round pick in 2016; (2) the Eagles get Mariota; and (3) a team in the top five gets the No. 12, No. 19, and No. 20 pick in 2015
  • (1) the Browns get Bradford and No. 20 in 2015 from Philly; (2) the Eagles get Mariota; and (3) a team in the top five gets the No. 12 and No. 19 in 2015, and Philly’s first-round pick in 2016.

So Eagles fans, what do you think about these two deals?