PHILADELPHIA ( - Football is a competitive world but the ultimate end game in every city is the Super Bowl, not fleecing a peer at Halloween.

The Eagles finally have one Lombardi Trophy and are hungry for more ever mindful that the cost-effective nature of Carson Wentz's rookie contract will end, making roster building more challenging from that point forward.

When the bill comes for the superstar quarterback, every decision when it comes to the draft is magnified because it's paramount you get cost-effective contributors at other positions to offset the added expenditure at the most important one.

Until that time, however, there's added flexibility to take chances like the one Howie Roseman did on Tuesday sending a premium draft choice -- a 2019 third-rounder to Detroit -- for a proven 30-year-old receiver with only eight games left on his contract in Golden State.

If you are on your way to 4-12 that's what's known as an awful trade. Conversely, if you still believe you can add to the trophy collection in the lobby of One NovaCare Way, you give Doug Pederson a playmaker like  Tate.

"You’re always trying to get the best price. There is no doubt about it. But we’re not trying to win the trades," Eagles executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman explained. "We’re trying to get really good players."

Call that third-round pick to do that a pawn you're willing to relinquish for the greater goal of getting an opportunity at that king, right now represented by the 8-0 Los Angeles Rams.

In other words, Roseman is trying to win games not talk-radio debates where the groupthink tends to always favor potential over production.

And if you were wondering how the Eagles view themselves at 4-4 and chasing Washington in the NFC East, Roseman spelled it out clearly.

"The message to our fans, to our players, to our coaches, to everyone in this organization is our foot is always going to be on the gas," Roseman said. "We’re always trying to win. We’re always going to try to put our best foot forward. What we can do now is try to do that for this season and this moment. That’s what we’re going to do and that’s our responsibility.

"...  We have a lot of confidence in our players and in our coaching staff. Has everything gone exactly the way we thought this year? No, I don’t think any season does. But we think we have a really good football team and we are adding a really good player."

-John McMullen covers the Eagles and the NFL for You can reach him at or on Twitter @JFMcMullen

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