The Offensive Line as a unit was an issue for the Eagles in 2015 so the team has invested money and draft picks to build it up for 2016.  The importance of the offensive line working as a cohesive unit is paramount in the NFL not just to run the offense but also protect the Quarterback.  NFL Network's Brian Baldinger, who was an Offensive Lineman in the NFL for over a decade, was a guest on The Locker Room with Billy Schweim on Saturday was asked his thoughts on the issue of new guys learning to play with each other:

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

"I really like Brandon Brooks and the decision that Howie (Roseman) made to sign him. He started 64 start games at Houston. He's a massive kid, he was sort of under drafted, he wasn't invited to the (NFL) Combines, went to a small school, all that kind of stuff, so he's got a chip on his shoulder but he's a good football player. I don't think it's going to take long for him. (Stefan) Wisniewski you know he's played Center, he's played Guard, he's a Penn State kid.  I think most offensive lineman are pretty resilient, once they get their terminology down most of the plays and blocking schemes they've seen before. It's just a question of what your point is, being able to play with Jason (Kelce) and Lane (Johnson), I mean all of those guys are learning a new offense too and a new way of doing things. And believe me from Chip Kelly, which is the only offense Lane Johnson has played at in this league, to this it's kind of a change everything about just huddling up, the way they call plays, the Quarterback is going to change plays at the line of scrimmage, he hasn't had that happen before."

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