What is the most rare sighting at the Jersey shore this time of year. It's not a shark, and it's not a whale, and, sorry to disappoint, it's not a UFO. The most rare thing at the Jersey Shore is a parking spot.

But it's not just a parking spot. It's a parking spot that's not next to a meter or in a parking lot that costs $25  and is within walking distance to the beach. It's better known as a close and free (I just made that up, but I really like it), and it's more rare than a day without a Kardashian on social media.

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And finding one has become a science for summer lovers all over the Jersey Shore. And there are many ways to try but few ways to succeed.Here are some of the unique ways we've seen people trying to find a summer parking space.

The cruiser. This parking spot searcher idles up and down 20 or 25 roads close to the beach hoping against hope that he will orbit past a space just as the driver of that vehicle is preparing to pull out. Possibility of success...unlikely.

The stationery observer. You know this guy. He's the one who finds a place to temporarily sit in his car while he claims a portion of the area as "his". He believes that any spot that becomes available in his territory belongs to him. Chance of verbal dispute...high. Possibility of success...highly unlikely.

The squeezer. There is no parking spot. There is not enough room for his car. But nobody told him. And even if someone did, it wouldn't stop him from jamming up traffic while he tries. Chances of parking illegally...high. Chance of legal spot...zero..

You'll see them all, and many others searching for that elusive beach parking spot this weekend. And, after all we've been through, that's a good problem to have.


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