AUDIO (CSN Philly): The only thing Mike Vick's more stoked about than his new clothing line? The Eagles 2012 season. Says he's a totally different quarterback (and person) and so, he's ready.

SCRIPTUALS (USA Today Sports): Jay Paterno tells the Today Show Thursday his family has "never been afraid of the truth."

SCRIPTUALS (Fight On State, Patriot News): Original publication of the op ed Joe Paterno wrote to his players shortly after his firing, released Wednesday, six months after his death. Released the same hour, a report citing sources that say Mike McQueary wasn't interviewed as part of the Freeh group investigation. At the very least, we know former university president Graham Spanier was.

SCRIPTUALS (Deadspin.com): The site apparently acquired prep materials for this morning's Freeh report press conference, scheduled an hour after findings hit this web site. What's interesting? Not so much that it reveals report findings, like Joe Paterno "did not do all he should have" or that the PSU administration failed to act appropriately or even that the Board of Trustees (who, by the way, commissioned Freeh and this report themselves) "failed to create an environment that demanded proper conduct." But that there's direction to announce problems with the web site at 9:05. (?)

SCRIPTUALS (Philly.com, ByDavidMurphy.com, Morning Call): Trying (really hard) to show us that the Phillies farm system isn't as bad off as everyone lets on. Even though "everyone" includes their own David Murphy. Speaking of: Murphy's hierarchy of Phillies needs in 2013. Though this "What To Watch For" from Triple-A Lehigh Valley is just grounds for optimism. (Sans the part about Dom Brown.)

SCRIPTUALS (Yahoo! Sports, Philly.com, MLB.com): Tim Brown (predictably) figures Cole Hamels the Phillies most valuable trade piece. Matt Gelb dutifully disagrees, instead tapping Hunter Pence. Though backing up the truck isn't so easy, at least not to Richard Justice.

SCRIPTUALS (Morning Call): Almost winners of last night's ESPY for biggest upset? Lehigh men's basketball. (Beat Duke in the tournament, lost Wednesday to the Mike Richardses and Jeff Carters and Simon Gagnes and everybody Paul Holmgren FedExed west LA Kings.) Didn't care, though. Happy enough about the nomination.

STATISTICALS: Phillies record to close out the first half of the season? 1-10, spanning back to June 27, Chase Utley's 2012 debut.

STATISTICALS (Pregame.com, coolstandings.com): R.J. Bell (PreGame.com) figures the Phillies to go 42-33 in the second half of the season, for a 79-83 finish. Still, the Phils odds are but 35-to-1 -- making them less than favorites, but still No. 14 in the game. coolstandings.com isn't so optimistic about their percent chances of winning the division (0.2), a wild card spot (0.5) -- third-worst in the game.

STATISTICALS (Kevin Cooney, Philly Blurbs): Number of games the Phillies have played while mathematically eliminated from the playoffs? One, the final game of their 85-77 2006 season, a 3-2 loss at Florida rendered meaningless by the Dodgers winning the wild card the day before.

STATISTICALS (Philly.com): Best chances to keep that number as is? Keep hitting with runners in scoring position like they already are.

Runner(s) on H- AB 2B 3B HR RBI Avg. NL Avg. NL Rk.
1st & 2nd56-20290449.277.2425th
3rd19-  8640229.221.25512th
1st & 3rd19-  8260441.232.27110th
2nd & 3rd13-  6310128.206.25313th
Bases Loaded21-  6661154.318.2493rd
Totals 188-75137421252.250.24710th


PlayerH-AB Avg. RBI PlayerH-AB Avg. RBI
Pete Orr4-    8.5005Brian Schneider4-18.2222
Laynce Nix5-  12.4179Ty Wigginton13-61.21325
Carlos Ruiz23-  69.33333Chase Utley1-  5.2000
Hector Luna5-  16.3139Cliff Lee1-  5.2001
Jimmy Rollins18-  63.28624John Mayberry Jr.10-54.18516
Juan Pierre16-  56.28617Michael Martinez2-11.1824
Jim Thome6-  22.27310Joe Blanton1-  8.1251
Shane Victorino23-  87.26428Roy Halladay1-10.1001
Cole Hamels1-    4.2502Ryan Howard0-  1.0000
Freddy Galvis13-  55.23618Kyle Kendrick0-  2.0000
Placido Polanco12-  51.23511Erik Kratz0-  2.0000
Mike Fonenot5-  22.2275Vance Worley0-  3.0000
Hunter Pence24-106.22631


Friday (9:40 p.m. EST): LHP Cliff Lee (1-5, 3.98 ERA) @ LHP Christian Friedrich (4-6, 5.98 ERA)

Saturday (9:40 p.m. EST): RHP Vance Worley (4-5, 3.54 ERA) @ RHP Jeremy Guthrie (3-8, 6.05 ERA)

Sunday (10-4, 3.20 ERA): LHP Cole Hamels (10-4, 3.20 ERA) @ LHP Drew Pomeranz (1-3, 3.06 ERA)


1901 - Cy Young (Boston Red Sox) got his 300th career victory. He ended his career with 511 wins.

1931 - A major league baseball record for doubles was set as the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs combined for a total of 23.

1979 - At Comiskey Park, "Disco Demolition Night" lead to fans going wild which caused the White Sox to forfeit 2nd game of a doubleheader to Tigers.

1984 - Steve Carlton (Philadelphia Phillies) recorded his 100th strikeout for the 18th consecutive season.

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