After winning The Players Championship, Tiger Woods said three simple, but very scary words, "I'm getting better".

I'm not sure how much better the number one player in the world can get. After going through the toughest couple of years of his personal and professional life, Tiger has come back with a focus and desire that few believed he would ever be able to find again. Many detractors said he would never be the same again. Well, they were right, he's even better, and the numbers are backing it up.

On his way to reclaiming the number one ranking in the golf world, he has separated himself from the field once again with his stellar play. By the numbers, this year has started out as the best of his illustrious career, reaching 4 wins in a season faster than he ever has in the past. Tiger has won 4 PGA tour events of the 7 events he has played in thus far this year and won 7 of his last 22 events overall, dating back to last year.

Woods finally looks completely comfortable and confident in the swing change that he'd worked on over the past couple of years. After winning The Players this past weekend, which is largely referred to as the fifth major, Tigers eyes are now locked in on the US Open next.

The intimidation of Tiger Woods is back, along with his intensity and swagger, and his mental toughness, that was so superior to the competition when he dominated the golf world in years past, has finally returned.

Whether you love him or hate him, you can't deny the greatness of Tiger Woods when he's at his best. Enjoy the ride because we are likely watching the greatest golfer ever to play this great game. And the scary part is, we may not have seen the best of him just yet.