If there's anything indelible about the Sixers makeup, it's their resolve.

You can knock their star-power or athleticism or execution or savvy or judgment or... OK. You get the point. But you can't take away that Philly grit, that, if nothing else, has to endear itself to Philly fans for being so emblematic of theirs. (Which, I'm guessing, in conjunction with the Phillies 2009 World Series win, is probably why Philly loves, in order, its baseball and hockey teams, and then the Eagles and Sixers.)

ESPN analyst Tim Legler notices, and it's why he's taking the Sixers in Game 6.

Said Legler (on NBA Tonight with Kevin O'Connor): "I think Philadelphia's gonna win (Game 6) and force a Game 7.

I just think that they're a team that's gonna be very difficult to put away. They've got a lot of character on that team. They're gonna play extremely hard. You know they're gonna not quit and not collapse, no matter what the situation is at the start of that game, they're going to fight."

Though, it's worth wondering, how many rounds will they be able to go? Because if they keel over in the second half in Game 6 how they did in Game 5 -- they mustered just 32 points in 24 minutes, despite hitting the halftime showers up 50-47 -- they're going to get dropped.