For almost the entirety of the 2019 NBA offseason, Sixers' guard Ben Simmons has been working out and relaxing on the West Coast. To get a change of scenery, Simmons decided to take an extended stay in Los Angeles. No worries though, he's not joining forces with the Lakers or the Clippers, as many would typically speculate. Instead, Simmons is just simply putting in some offseason work, trying to get better.

Like every offseason so far, we've seen the pictures and the videos for the last few weeks. Although we're not exactly clear on what Simmons has been trying to improve -- we can only assume that shooting free-throws and some medium to long-range jumpers is on his agenda. Heading into year three, the young guard will have to upgrade his game in other areas in order to for the Sixers half court to remain a threat.

Simmons hasn't been out in Los Angeles working alone, though. Recently, his teammate Tobias Harris came back to Los Angeles for the first time since he was shipped off from the Clippers to the Sixers. Now, Harris is currently working with Simmons' workout coach, Chris Johnson. Last season, Harris didn't have too much time to build chemistry on and off the court with his Sixers teammates. But now he has a few years to do so and so far, he's not wasting any time on working together.

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