With all the injuries and inconsistencies, one thing has become consistent - wide receiver Travis Fulgham can play,

There is no need to wonder if Fulgham has become the Eagles No. 1 receiver, its apparent that he has.

"Fulgham, who continues to show up each and every week, who is making a name for himself," said Eagles safety Rodney McLeod.

Fulgham caught six passes for 75 yards and a touchdown in the Eagles' Week 6 loss to the Ravens and now has 16 catches for 227 yards and two scores over the past two weeks and a total of 18 catches for 284 yards and three scores on the season.

“Absolutely. He’s a baller. I said last week, I see it in practice. It’s good to just see these guys get their chance and make plays. … There was zero blitz a handful of times today and I just looked to him," Wentz

One thing I wonder is how will the Eagles find enough targets for everyone, if and when everyone gets healthy. Will Fulgham still get over 10 targets in a game, unlikley. How many targets will be available once DeSean Jackson, Alshon Jeffery, Jalen Reagor, Dallas Goedert and Zach Ertz all return to the offense.

“It means a lot that Carson trusts me now and we continue to build on it,” Fulgham said.

In his first two starts, Fulgham is averaging 11.5 targets, eight receptions and 113.5 yards while producing two touchdowns.

Fulgham seems like the kind of guy who puts team success ahead of his own, while having another solid day, he lamented the play he didn't make on Sunday.

"I just wish I could’ve made more plays for the team, and we just need to do more to get the win,” Fulgham said.

Maybe it’s too early to make this statement, but I think Fulgham can play, and the Eagles may have lucked into finding a receiving after passing on guys like D.K. Metcalf, Justin Jefferson and other wide receivers who have entered the league and have had success.

I do think it’s too early to say that Fulgham has overtaken Jackson, Jeffery, Ertz, Goedert and Reagor in terms of targets, but it’s time to say he has earned a bigger role in the offense, even when they all return.

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