Philadelphia guard Seth Curry is one of three Sixers players appearing on the Sports Illustrated’s annual ranking of the top 100 NBA players.

Curry is 81st in this year’s list, a vast improvement after not cracking the top 100  last season. Forwards Tobias Harris  and guard Ben Simmons made appearances so far this year as well.

After scoring 12.5 point per game in the regular season, Curry stood out during the Sixers two playoff series, upping his average to 18.8 per contest in 12 playoff games. .

SI also mentioned Curry's assit number, which improved to 2.7 this season, a career high

Curry is widely regarded for his three-point shooting prowess, but he also continues to assert himself as a solid playmaker for the Sixers. Last year, his 2.7 assists per game were tied for the highest mark in his career. While Ben Simmons’s future with Philadelphia has created some questions as to what the franchise’s backcourt will look like long-term, Curry would appear to be a seamless fit next to whoever else is on the court with him.

Next on the Top 50 list was Tobias Harris, who emerged as a Top 50 player this year after being No. 52 last season.

Harris has his best season as a pro last season. He averaged 19.5 points per game with 6.8 rebounds and 3.5 assists. Harris connected on 39.4% of this 3-point shots this season.

While Harris may have never delivered on the promise he flashed when he was briefly averaging 20 points per game with the Clippers, he remains a versatile forward who can create his own shot. Even if Harris won’t take a team too far as a No. 1 option, he would contribute more than just a 3-and-D guy in any starting lineup.

Finally, Ben Simmons checked in at 31st on SI’s list after being ranked No. 21 by SI last year.

Simmons of course if a polarizing figure scored a career low points per game with 4.7 rebounds and a career low 6.9 assists last season. The issue of course came in the playoffs, were Simmons free throw shooting became a major issue, and his scoring dropped down to 11.9 points per game.

SI’s mentions Simmons All-NBA level defense, but admits that both sides deserve blame for Simmons shortcomings, adding until her finds a better situation that his playoff failures will linger over his promising career. .

Simmons is an All-NBA caliber defender who has yet to play for a team tailored to his strengths. Both he and the Sixers deserve blame for how his tenure in Philly went south. Only 25 years old, there isn’t only hope for Simmons moving forward. There’s an expectation he should thrive once he’s finally playing within the proper context. Until he proves himself somewhere else however, Simmons’s playoff failures will hang over him.

If you notice there is no Joel Embiid on this list, he landed in the Top 10, which will be released on Thursday.

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