One of the most recognizable voices in sports joined the Sports Bash live on Radio Row, Kevin Harlan, the voice of Super Bowl 54.

With today being the two-year anniversary of the famous "Philly, Philly" play, which was called nationally on Westwood One Radio by Harlan, he recalled calling that play on the Sports Bash.

"We were in the end zone at the opposite end of the field," Harlan recalled. "I've got the binoculars on, and i'm trying to stay in sequence and on that particular play, I stayed in sequence, I got the fake, and there goes Foles, and there goes the throw to the tight end all the other stuff, so it worked out well."

"It was so fun. You don't get many plays like that."

Listen has Harlan does some impromptu play-by-play of eating a sandwich, talks about his experiences in the business, the  most memorable play he has called, and more!

Here's Kevin Harlan with The Sports Bash:


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