The Sixers were without the services of Joel Embiid, Glenn Robinson III, and Raul Neto in their final scrimmage game on Tuesday. During media availability on Thursday, we were given an update on the status of the three injured Sixers.

All three players are to participate in Thursday's practice, a good sign for the team as the action begins for them on Saturday. Brett Brown said he plans to work closely with the medical staff, but still feels like he is going to have the services of his All-Star center in the team's first seeding game.

Getting back Glenn Robinson III will be a good boost for the Sixers as well. Since arriving in Orlando he seems focused on his role and playing that role as strong as he can. Before going down with injury Robinson III looked great on the floor and was getting it done on both ends. Coach Brown spoke on his play today, saying that he loves the "simplicity" of his game.

Before the scrimmage games began, Brett Brown spoke about the idea of playing Joel Embiid 38 minutes a game in the playoffs. Now that Embiid has only played 13 minutes throughout three scrimmage games, you have to wonder if Embiid will be able to get to that mark conditioning-wise by the time playoffs roll around.

Embiid is going to be behind the eight ball in terms of knocking the rust off. He played well in the small sample we saw him on the floor in the first scrimmage game, but it would have been nice to see him out on the floor for more time.

Hopefully, these players can continue to recover and get closer to being taken off the injury report. The Sixers need to hit the ground running in their first game, and being at full strength is going to be crucial in doing that. Embiid and Robinson III are going to be two main players in the Sixers' rotation in this chase for a championship, having them healthy and ready to go on Saturday against the Pacers could be a big boost in what will be an important game.

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