Heading into the 2016 season the expectations were higher for the Eagles defense compared to the offense because of Jim Schwartz instituting his defensive system and how the Eagles players fit into the system.  Well Schwartz and the defense after 3 games has not disappointed as they are ranked in the Top Ten in NFL rankings in Points Allowed (9.0 per Game), Turnovers Forced (6 total, 3 Interceptions), Total Touchdowns Allowed (2 Rushing, 0 Passing) and Total Yards Allowed (823 Total Yards).

13-year NFL Veteran Amani Toomer of NBC Sports joined Mike Gill on Wednesday and discussed his impressions of the Eagles defense:

"Well their defense has definitely been impressive, for them to stop the highest flying offense in the league in the Pittsburgh Steelers last week, extremely impressive.  I just think that maybe they were underrated with their talent because (Fletcher) Cox in the middle is a beast, they got a lot of great players on that team.  I just think that they weren't able to play defense last year under Chip Kelly's system...And now I think they're playing like an ordinary defense, getting the ordinary snaps because of the ball control that Pederson and the offensive side of the ball is giving them.  I think they are playing with house money right now, I feel like they (think) 'Wow this is the way a normal defense is played, we can show how actually good we are'."

Hear what Toomer had to say about Carson Wentz and the Eagles offense along with his observations of the New York Giants and NFC East overall

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