While Andrew Bynum was never able to suit up and play a game for the Philadelphia 76ers,  maybe he will be ready to compete in next seasons "Dancing with the Stars."

Bynum was spotted in a video while he was vacationing in Spain, Flamenco dancing.  Cafe de Chinitas, a restaurant in Madrid, posted this video on Monday of Bynum dancing with a pair of ladies.

Recently, Sixers owner Josh Harris didn't rule out re-signing Bynum.

"'I’m not saying we’re going to bring him back," Harris explained to the media.  " I’m saying we haven’t ruled it out."

Bynum is immensely talented, but he also didn't play a single game this season because of a potentially degenerative knee issue and between never playing a game, the bowling incident and now seeing this dancing video, Sixers fans might be ready to move on from the Bynum era.