AUDIO (CSN Philly): Ruben Amaro speaks! Carly Rae Jepsen beckons! (Really. Listen close.)

Amaro backed Freddy Galvis, but with the "I'm The Deflated Disappointed Father" endorsement, saying the news is something of a bummer, but that he "supports the kid" -- and MLB's drug testing program. All in the same breath. (...) Clams right up when asked whether Galvis will appeal. Altogether, says he doesn't know much by way of particulars. But that he has spoken to Freddy Galvis, and Galvis seems "disappointed." Was asked if the Phils caught something of a break, since Galvis can serve his suspension from the DL, and shrugged aloud. Ultimately, Amaro said, the most important thing is to get Freddy Galvis back and healthyBoth of which may take a while.

Later, Amaro also gave (gasp!) INJURY UPDATES!!!

Says (1) Roy Halladay is symptom-free (lat strain) but that (2) the organization is taking it slow with him (also: timelines? YUCK!!!), "there's a chance" (3) Chase Utley could be called up before baseball's 20-day rehab assignment allotment (knees) is up, (4) Utley's "probably not" going to play any first base, before, unsolicited, going off on (5) a tangential update about Ryan Howard, and that Piece is "making really good progress," that he's "running the bases a little" and "even made a diving play" -- a DIVING PLAY!!! (Great. Really. But kind of like Dontari Poe's 4.87 in the 40. Reaching, you might. But not really "diving" much at first. Whatever. Better than "falling" and "reaching" and "wailing," we guess.)

AUDIO (ESPN): No, no -- really. Tim Kurkjian confirms Freddy Galvis can serve his 50-game suspension while nursing his broken back, which is probably going to keep him on the DL for 50 games. (Or more.) Also gives us this, a hilarious illustration of the peril in national sports guy talking about obscure local sports guy. (Michael Martinez? The only thing that's saving us? Oh, you...)

AUDIO (CSN Philly): "How Hot Is Andy Reid's Seat?" being the running theme of the Eagles offseason, somebody figured they'd ask the man himself. To which Reid replied with a totally selfless answer, saying that thinking in those terms "wouldn't be fair" to the team and that in order to "go out there and rock the world," everybody's "got to be themselves." Seemed genuine about it, too. Totally different guy, almost.

AUDIO (CSN Philly): Newly-minted Eagles president Don Smolenski teases renovations in the works for Lincoln Financial Field. Should be good.

AUDIO (CSN Philly): Long-time outspoken Eagles alum Ron Jaworski gets good vibes from the Eagles recently reorganized power structure. (Says 2012) should be good.

AUDIO (CSN Philly): Charlie Manuel loves John MayberryLOVES him. Really. Says JMJ's starting to come around. Which may be true. (Mayberry's batting .381 with four home runs and 10 RBIs in his last five games, including a shot in the Phils 7-2 win over the Rockies last night.) Chahhhlie says if Mayberry's confidence builds, Chahhhlie might consider hitting him as high as (rhetorical, suspense-building pause) SIXTH!!!

More from the Phillies fourth win in June (yay!): Chahhhlie notes the sweeping invigoration that comes when Jimmy Rollins gets on base. Praises Cole Hamels re-finding his mojo. Hamels says "faboo" when talking about giving Rockies pitcher Josh Outman a freebie. Don't know what "faboo" means. Best guess, right here. (Worth noting, after that Outman walk -- of the same elk that killed Hamels in his last three starts -- Hamels seated the next 13, the next five by way of strikeout. Make up words, Cole. We don't care. Whatever works.)

SCRIPTUALS ( The Phillies issue official (oh-so-supportive) statement on Freddy Galvis.

SCRIPTUALS (FOX Sports): This whole "Serve Drug Suspension While On DL" thing doesn't jibe well with Jon Paul Morosi.

SCRIPTUALS ( To which David Murphy might respond, "That's Clown (Indignation), Bro."

SCRIPTUALS (Washington Post): Don't think he's talking about Freddy Galvis. But Deron Snyder (no, no -- I thought that was Dan for a sec, too) crusades against absolutist MLB Hall of Fame voters who are crusading against steroids. Thinks keeping them out is bogus. For multiple reasons. That you should read about.

SCRIPTUALS (Patriot-News): Not everybody in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case is buying the whole "Histrionic Personality Disorder As A Defense" thing. Not even the field that coined it.

SCRIPTUALS (SI): Michael Rosenberg writes that the Heat deserve this Finals win. Which, he also writes, after last night's Game 4 win to go up three games to one, is but a one-game formality away.

SCRIPTUALS (Oklahoman): But dont pout, Thunder lovers. Because Michael Sherman wants you to know, these are teachable moments -- the same one the Heat endured a year ago.

SCRITPUALS (Uni Watch): In a stroke of (desperate) branding genius, the Bobcats rolled out new uniforms.

SCRIPTUALS (Yahoo! Sports): Remember where you were when Michael Phelps won the U.S. a bazillion golds in 2008? And, for, like, three seconds, the nation was captivated by swimming? (I do.) Might happen again. But not 10 times over. Phelps is cutting back his load. Only entering seven races in 2012.

STATISTICALS (Elias):  Cole Hamels got his 10th win of the season Tuesday, giving him double-digit wins in each of the last six seasons. The three most recent pitchers to win 10 or more games in six straight seasons for the Phillies are all in the Hall of FameSteve Carlton (13 straight seasons, 1972-1984), Robin Roberts (12, 1949-1960) and Grover Alexander (7, 1911-1917).

Hamels earned his 10th win in his 14th game, which ties the second-fastest any Phillies pitcher has reached 10 wins in the live-ball era (1920 to date). Steve Carlton got there in 13 games in 1980three others got there in 14 gamesRobin Roberts (1953), Dick Ruthven (1978) and Paul Byrd (1999).

STATISTICALS (Elias): Mike Trout went 4-for-4 Tuesday15 days after a 4-for-4 game against Seattle on June 4. That's as many 4 for 4 games as all other players 20 or younger had combined over the past 15 seasons (1997-2011): one each by Giancarlo Stanton in 2010 and by Elvis Andrus in 2009.

But here's the kicker: Trout is the first player age 20 or younger to have 4-for-4 games in such close proximity since Rogers Hornsby did it on July 29 and August 9, 1916.

STATISTICALS (ESPN Stats and Info): Three times has a player averaged 30 points, 9 boards and 5 assists in a single postseason. Two of them are LeBron James (2009) and LeBron James (2012). The other? Oscar Robertson (1963).

STATISTICALS (ESPN Stats and Info): Players with 43 points, 7 boards, 5 assists in an NBA Finals game the last 25 yearsMichael Jordan (1993), Shaquille O'Neal (2001) and Russell Westbrook (last night).


1936Jesse Owens set a 100-meter record at 10.2 seconds.

1967Muhammad Ali was convicted in Houston of violating Selective Service laws by refusing to be drafted. The U.S. Supreme Court later overturned the conviction.

1993 - The Chicago Bulls won their third consecutive NBA title. They defeated the Phoenix Suns in Game 6 with a score of 99-98. 

1994O.J. Simpson pled innocent in Los Angeles to the killing of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman

2001Barry Bonds hit his 38th home run of the season. The home run broke the major league baseball record for homers before the midseason All-Star break.

2003Jose Canseco was arrested after testing positive for steroids, a violation of his probation that stemmed from a nightclub brawl.

2007Sammy Sosa (Texas Rangers) got his 600th career home run. The hit came against the Chicago Cubs, his former team.