With the Opening Day of the 2016 season around the corner for the Philadelphia Phillies, we know the team is in a rebuild so the their goals cannot be quantified with Wins and Losses.

On Friday Mike Gill asked Phillies Assistant General Manager Scott Profrock what are the organizations goals for the 2016 season:

"I dont think, you know, we're setting a goal as far as wins. I think the main thing is and its a lot like last year, we're looking to figure out who of the players that are on the field are pieces for the future. I think that's the most important goal of the season is to figure out is Cesar Hernandez the Second Baseman of the future or is he a utility player? Is Darin Ruf potentially a First Baseman of the future? Is Cody Asche our future Left Fielder? Is Camereon Rupp a front line Catcher? And some of the starting pitchers, where are they? Are we going to need to go out and get a top of the rotation starting pitcher or is Aaron Nola a future number one starter? So I think those are the questions that drive the goals of the season is to get some of those answers as opposed to any set number of wins and losses."

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images


Profrock went on to give an example of how the team balances winning with allowing the young players get playing time:

"Obviously you want to win as many games as you can and that's part of the development process as well, especially for those starting pitchers. You don't want the situation where they go out and give you six or seven solid innings and then have them not get the win because the bullpen couldn't hold the lead or the defense couldn't catch the ball. I think those are things that are part of the equation."


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