Heading into the Summer of 2017, the Sixers are in position to add talent to a roster that won 28 games last season.  The 76ers own the Third Overall Pick in 2017 NBA Draft along with picks 36, 39, 46, and 50 to add to the team.  Along with all those draft assets, the team also walks into Free Agency with estimated 24.8 Million in Salary Cap Space.  Also the 2017-18 season will feature the debut of 2016 NBA Draft First Overall Pick Ben Simmons, who missed all of last season due to injury.  Combined all that with Joel Embiid's second season on the court for the Sixers after appearing in only 31 games.

Yahoo Sports The Vertical Senior NBA Writer Michael Lee joined Rich Quinones on Tuesday and discussed what the Sixers need to add to the roster this offseason:

"Some wing scorers...that’s what they are lacking - let’s get some guys to spread the floor cause you lucked into one with Joel Embiid. If he can stay healthy which is a big IF, then you have a really phenomenal talent which can dominate for years to come. What he did on the floor this year, he blew my mind every time he stepped on the court. He’s a phenomenal talent he just can’t stay on the court. And then you have Ben Simmons, I think you should surround a playmaker like Ben Simmons, a dominant big man like Joel Embiid. If you can get some floor spacers and scorers around them, you could be the team that is waiting for whenever LeBron (James) decides that he’s done owning the Eastern Conference."

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