Heading into Wednesday Night's match-up with the Pistons in Detroit, the Sixers continue preparations for their first NBA Playoffs appearance in six years with a team built around two young superstars in Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid.  Despite winning 47 games this season with five games remaining on their schedule, the Sixers 'Achilies Heel' all season has been the issue with Turnovers.  The 76ers are worst in the NBA in Turnovers Per Game at 16.7 while among individual league leaders Embiid averages the fourth most Turnovers Per Game (3.7) and Simmons has the fifth most per game (3.4).

SiriusXM NBA Radio Host and Forbes NBA Columnist Mitch Lawrence joined Mike Gill on Wednesday discussing the Turnovers issue for the 76ers heading into the postseason:

“(Ben Simmons) is a Turnover machine at times, he’s going to have to learn how the ball has to be valued in the fourth quarter or any quarter in a playoff game, you just can’t throw the ball around like (the Sixers) do.  Embiid is also a high Turnovers guy; I can see a situation where they’re winning a game in the playoffs…I can see them down the stretch having a lead and blowing a game because they threw the ball around like a hot potato – Ben Simmons has to prove himself at the foul line down the stretch of these games….JJ Redick can’t teach them, (Ersan) Ilyasova can’t teach them, all these veteran players who they brought in, it’s nice to have these guys but the young players have to learn the value of the big lessons in the playoffs it’s all about ball possession, clock score in time, how you perform in the clutch down the stretch in these games and they have been a high Turnovers team all year long.”

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