In his second year as Eagles Head Coach, Doug Pederson has led Philadelphia to the best record in the NFL at 6-1 heading into their matchup with the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.  After his 10 year career as a Quarterback in the NFL, Pederson has been learning on the job in his first opportunity to be a Head Coach in the league.  The Eagles head into NFL Week 8 with an Offense that is Fifth in Points Scored (199) and Fifth in Total Offensive Yards (2,670) along with a Defense that is 12th in Points Allowed Per Game (20.9) and tied for Tenth in Sacks (18).

Bleacher Report NFL Reporter Jason Cole joined Rich Quinones on Friday and discussed what is behind Pederson's success with the Eagles in 2017:

"Look at is Doug’s staff and he has a lot of former players on his staff. So, that's a lot of guys who can look at the former players and say 'dude, I’ve been on the field and I know exactly what you are going through. So, help me understand what you think is best.'  And so there is constant conversation....Another really important thing about Doug and I covered Doug when he was in Miami, I was there when Shula broke the record for the most victories at the Vet....Doug is very special in that, he’s the kind of guy that knows what he doesn’t know and is willing to say 'how is this going to work? Okay, maybe I don’t understand what we are doing here but you know let me figure it out. Let me talk to my guys because you know, I got a lot of guys who have played and they will help me figure this out as well.'  And he’s not sitting here acting like he has all the answers in advance and that is important, especially to a young coach.  As long as at the end of the day you are making the right decisions and putting the right people on the field, and you do as much as you can to help your team win, then the players will pay attention. It’s when coaches don’t help you win, that’s when players lose faith in you very quickly."

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