After the Sixers avoided history of the NBA's worst regular season record by gaining their tenth win on Tuesday night, the focus for the organization and fan base turns to the offseason around the corner.  The team is almost guaranteed at least one Lottery Pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, potentially two if the lotto balls throw the Lakers First Round Pick outside the top three slots.

But will Sam Hinkie be the man involved in those decisions in a few months or will Jerry Colangelo hand pick someone else to be Philadelphia's General Manager?  Sixers' Insider Derek Bodner said on The Sports Bash Wednesday Afternoon that the decision on Hinkie has not been made yet but avoiding history helps Sam's cause to keep his job:

"There's definitely scenario where I could see him sticking around and there's definitely a scenario where I could see Jerry Colangelo maybe saying 'I don't want to run the team day to day but I'm not sure you're the guy to do it either'. I could realistically see it either way and if you do want Sam Hinkie to stick around I do think picking up that tenth win was big because I do think we are humans. And Joshua Harris and David Blitzer are humans, the Sixers' owners. And I think when you have so much negative vibes, so much negative stigma attached to you like setting a record or tying a record like (NBA worst record) would be, I think people cave to that kind of pressure."

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

"So I think if you want Sam Hinkie to say around...I do think that win was big. Obviously getting a couple more and ending up with 12 wins say would be better. But I think (Hinkie's Future is) very much up in the air, you know I think a lot of it's going to basically be determined on how well this collaborative group works together, whether Colangelo and Harris are happy with the way that whatever power structure is there is working. So I'm not sure it's even something they've determined yet."

Hear what Bodner had to say about the future of the Sixers roster, if both Okafor and Noel will be on the team next season, and the recovery of Joel Embiid: