Since Sam Hinkie has taken over, we have made some assumptions about what attributes he looks for in an NBA Draft prospect. Size for his position, length, versatility, athleticism, good ratings on advanced analytical models.

Hinkie's first draft with the team certainly seemed to confirm that assumption, as he jettisoned inefficient point guard Jrue Holiday in a trade that brought back analytical darling Nerlens Noel, then took lanky, athletic, steal-happy Michael Carter-Williams with the 11th pick, plucking a gem from late in the lottery who went on to win Rookie of the Year.

He then swiped Tony Wroten (15th in his draft class in projected WARP) and James Anderson (12th in his class), two guys whom the analytical models liked coming out of college but who had yet to carve out consistent roles in their short NBA careers.

But are we making too much of this?  Is there a chance that this has been more random than we assume?

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