In the Eagles 38-7 win over the Vikings, it was only the third time this season an opposing offense scored 30 or more points on Minnesota's defense while their offense scored less than 10 points for the third time with Case Keenum at Quarterback.  Philadelphia's game plan was executed flawlessly on both sides of the ball as Nick Foles was 4-6 for 172 Yards and Two Touchdowns on passes traveling 20 or more yards down field while Chris Long, Fletcher Cox, Vinny Curry and Brandon Graham all made multiple big plays to help the defense shut down the Vikings. NFL Insider KC Joyner joined The Sports Bash on Monday and discussed Doug Pederson's game plan for the Vikings in the NFC Championship Game:

“It was brilliant on Pederson’s part to say ‘We’re going to get into a shootout game’ – They goaded Atlanta into getting in a slugfest which (the Falcons) shouldn’t have gotten into cause that wasn’t a good matchup for them.  Then in this contest I think Pederson said ‘We’re going to make you have to throw that Football’ cause (Eagles) got 38 percent Pass Pressure rate on Keenum and he’s a guy who collapses under Pass Pressure – (Eagles) said ‘We’re going to make you throw the football, we’re going to get Pass Rush in your face, we’re going to make you make mistakes cause we know your teammates and your coaches don’t really believe in you’ and it was brilliant on Pederson’s part to do that.”

Checkout what Joyner had to say about Nick Foles, Case Keenum, the Patriots and more analysis from Championship Sunday

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