Everyday at 5:45 we play “Five Questions” where Pat Gallen asks Mike Gill five questions that are on his mind.  Sports, Pop Culture, Food and more, you never know what questions Pat might ask.

Here are today’s questions:

1. Dec 12, 2012 will be Aaron Rodgers day in Wisconsin – the Wisconsin State assembly passes a unanimous resolution and it is expected to pass. Should active athletes get their own day?

Mike Gill's Answer: No, they should have to wait til their careers are over.

2. QB Jason Campbell and his soon-to-be-wife reportedly called off their wedding in the Dominican Republic just hours before they were set to tie the knot. If you were a guest or were even in the wedding, how pissed would you be?

Mike Gill's Answer: Nah, trip to DR is a good trip, if it were to someplace that stunk then yes.

3. 32 years ago today, Al Michaels had the famous “Do You Believe in Miracles” call as the US hockey team beat the Russians and then went on to win Gold.. Is that the greatest moment in American Sports history?

Mike Gill's Answer: Yes, this is number one.  Buster Douglas vs Mike Tyson maybe next...

4. It is National Margarita day - whats your favorite mixed drink?

Mike Gill's Answer: Eh, not much of a liquor drinker...maybe a 7 & 7?

5. Ryan Howard admitted today that he watched a lot of TV while he was on the couch after achillies surgery. He said he watched a lot of Real Housewives. Mike, whats the most shameful thing you watch on TV?

Mike Gill's Answer: WWE and TNA, Professional wrestling