Entering play on Thursday the Phillies are in the midst of a nine game losing streak and their record stands at 30-43 on the season.  Now that the Phillies are far enough below .500 to shift the conversation away from them being a "surprise contender" back to the more realistic "rebuilding team" narrative, the question now is who could the Phillies look to move at the trade deadline this Summer?

MLB.com Phillies Beat Writer Todd Zolecki joined Mike Gill on Wednesday to discuss who the likely candidates would be for the Phillies to move:

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“I think the number one [trade chip] would be Jeremy Hellickson; he’s not going to totally change a rotation, I think if you’re a contending team...say there is a couple aces available and you’re looking for that help and you fall short, Jeremy Hellickson might be a pretty good alternative to sure-up that back end of the rotation.  He pitched pretty well in his last start, he struggled in the first inning and then really battled in after that, I think he’s got some value.  Honestly, he kind of reminds me of the value that Joe Blanton had in 2008, remember the Phillies were looking for CC Sabathia, they pushed hard for CC Sabathia and just didn’t have enough talent to get it done....Blanton ended up solidifying that rotation, he pitched a great game four of the World Series, I think Jeremy Hellickson could be that guy."

Zolecki went on to name another potential player to be traded

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"I personally would trade Jeanmar Gomez in a heartbeat.  I know he’s pitched relatively well as a Closer, but to me what Jeanmar Gomez shows you is that you can find Closers, I don’t want to say relatively easy, but you know what I mean.  Jeanmar Gomez entered the season as the Phillies 6/7th inning guy, they had absolutely no interest in him pitching the eighth inning, much less the ninth, out of desperation they throw him in the ninth inning – he’s got 19 saves, so that tells you if they trade Jeanmar Gomez they should be able to develop another Closer relatively easy, so I would absolutely trade him, strike while the iron is hot."

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